A Retreat For Young Men

These days, many men in their mid- to late-twenties feel as if they don’t know where they are headed in their lives. They have the sense that they should be on a specific path, but they don’t know where that path might lead them, and they feel as if they will be on the path all by themselves.

illustration for pathfinders

The Pathfinders Retreat is specifically designed for men 22–29 years old who want some instruction and guidance as they discover where their path forward in life might take them. This program will include activities that explore individual values clarification, teamwork dynamics, interpersonal connections, and personal goal-setting. These topics will be addressed in a variety of activities including a kayak excursion on Buffalo Bayou, interactive exercises, personal reflection, and group discussion. Dinner will be provided on Friday evening, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided on Saturday.

The retreat will be held at the offices of Michael DeVoll Counseling Services, LLC, 5900 Memorial, Suite 218, Houston TX 77007. The retreat will be facilitated by Michael DeVoll, M.Ed., LPC-S, a professional counselor with over 15 years of experience working with young men in a variety of settings. In his therapy practice, DeVoll specializes in working with men in their mid-20s, many of whom feel disconnected and adrift in their post-college years.

The cost of $225 includes all meals and the kayak excursion. A 1-hour consultation, included in the cost of the retreat, will be required to register for the retreat. For more information and to join one of the upcoming retreats, call 832.221.9298 or email